Change is constant: Add it to your recipe in life.

Change is constant: Add it to your recipe in life.

Change: the great bearer of the uncertain future, the cause of most restless nights. Some of us embrace change and are eager for change, others try to fight it, or terrified of it.

COVID-19 changed our way of life in an instant.  Familiar activities such as going to the movies, bowling alley, and stadiums suddenly vanished.  We know we will soon return to those beloved activities, but right now, we are socially distancing ourselves from our co-workers, random strangers, and friends. 

This change is the temporary new “normal” until COVID-19 is defeated, however, during these times of change, certain truths presented themselves—we can cook at home, and some of us are pretty damn good at it too!  

Cooking at home is an art form that was lost to the proliferation of fast-food restaurants and casual dine-ins.  Once upon a time, families gathered together as one to enjoy a home-cooked meal. During this time of social-distancing, I encourage you to start new traditions with your family or learn about past generations during dinner time.   To prevent distractions, have a box where you force everyone to place their phone inside.

Of course, make sure your meals are heart-healthy.  The last thing we want is to harm our health by over-eating or indulge in the wrong foods.

 If you are alone, with no family,  use this time to learn how to cook.  Cooking can be therapeutic and help occupy your time while we quarantine.  Once COVID-19 fades to a distant memory, which will be soon, you would then be able to show off your cooking skills to new friends.

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